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Hirsute: a short film by A.J. Bond

Hirsute, a short film by A.J. Bond


July 2009 – Independent Short Film Blog

Interview with Director A.J. Bond.

April 2009 – Directors

Podcast featuring Director A.J. Bond.

April 2009 – Short of the

Interview with Director A.J. Bond.

April 2009 – Short of the

“All in all, Hirsute is a tremendous directing debut for A.J. Bond…”
—Jason Sondhi

August 2008 – Bay Area Reporter

“A cliff-hanging ending wraps the piece with a chilly whiff of the late Stanley Kubrick.”
—David Lamble

July 2008 –

“The short Hirsute explores the idea of how people evolve and what they accomplish over time — for better or worse — and in the process provides one of the great unexpected comedy/horror moments in the history of film.”
—Mark James

April 2008 – Baltimore City Paper

“…wryly amusing, well acted, and highly engrossing.”
—Christopher Skokna

April 2008 – Indie Express

Interview with Director A.J. Bond.

April 2008 – Valley Scene Magazine

“From the beginning, the story unfolds like the figuring out of a riddle. There is a tension established from the moment Kyle meets the future version of himself. Hirsute is a delightfully dark film.”
—Crystal A. Johnson

February 2008 – The Peak

“The film deftly evokes emotion in its darkly comedic premise and manages to explore a homoerotic aspect of time travel that has been previously overlooked.”
—Cameron Maitland

November 2007 – Ion Magazine

“Like any good time travel movie, it ties your brain in a knot and leaves you asking: what the hell just happened?”
—Michael Mann

September 2007 –

Interview with Director A.J. Bond.

September 2007 – National Post

“…the short-cuts program featured a fascinating [14-minute] short by A.J. Bond called Hirsute, in which the would-be inventor of a time machine is visited by his smarmy future self.”
—Chris Knight

September 2007 –

“As a person who abhorred math and science in high school, the set for A.J. Bond’s trippy time-shifting short Hirsute freaks me out more than the surreal yet freakishly effective ending.”
—Sameer Vasta

September 2007 –

“Time travel is a tricky subject, but Bond crafts something that makes us all ponder what we’d do when presented with our future selves. 4/5.”
—Mathew Kumar

September 2007 – Toronto Star

“A geek who thinks he’s invented time travel meets himself on the way back from a future date in the amusing Hirsute.”
—Susan Walker

August 2007 – Xtra

“Having produced and edited several shorts, this is Bond’s first film as a director, and successfully delivered, at that.”
—Kathleen Mullen

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